When Am I Most Fertile: Tracking Fertility

When Am I Most Fertile: Tracking Fertility

Every month as a woman's hormones cycle there are predictable changes in many bodily functions. Some women are already aware of these while others may have never noticed. As you prepare to become pregnant, now is the time to tune in to what your body is telling you.

Most women have a menstrual cycle lasting 28-32 days. To know how long your cycle lasts, count from the first day of your menstrual cycle period to the first day of the following menstrual period. Once you've established your menstrual cycle, you can figure out when your most fertile days are. For the majority of women, their most fertile days are 12-14 days before your next period. If you are unsure of your ovulation window or have irregular cycles, try tracking it. 

By observing changes in basal body temperature (BBT), cervical mucus character, and cervical position, we are able to learn a great deal about when ovulation occurs. Keeping a fertility chart and knowing when you ovulate allows you to time intercourse to increase the odds of conception. 

There are two main fertility signs. The first sign is a woman's body temperature upon waking each morning, called the basal body temperature. This temperature helps indicate levels of hormone progesterone. The second is cervical fluid. All women have cervical mucus that changes depending on her cycle. A few days before ovulation a woman's mucus will become slippery, stretchy fluid that resembles egg whites. 

Each woman's fertility varies throughout her cycle. The best time to become pregnant if she and her partner have sex in the few days leading up to and on the day of ovulation. This fertile window is about three to four days for most women. 

Once you understand when you ovulate and when your most fertile days are, you should have sex regularly during that window. The likelihood of becoming pregnant is dramatically increased if you have intercourse in the three days leading up to and including ovulation. If a woman has sex on any of these three days, she has a 27-33% increase of getting pregnant. 

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