Prenatal Vitamins: Do They Make you More Fertile?

Prenatal Vitamins: Do They Make you More Fertile?

While prenatal vitamins aren’t guaranteed to increase your odds of a positive pregnancy test, they can help boost your fertility.

Healthy women have a tendency to get pregnant faster and easier than women with health problems. It’s necessary that as soon as you begin trying for a baby (even before!) you take a prenatal vitamin. A little preconception preparation can pave the way for a faster and healthier pregnancy. A prenatal vitamin isn’t a magic pregnancy pill, but it will ensure that your body has the right amount of each nutrition necessary to conceive; and when your body has the right nutrition, conception comes easier.

While taking a prenatal alone won’t significantly increase your chances of getting pregnant, it will help. Taking a prenatal vitamin, along with a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables and lean meat, can prepare your body for conception. There are also other things you can try to improve your chances of conception. If you find yourself stressed, find ways to relax. Stress can affect ovulation and make getting pregnant more difficult. Try cutting back on caffeine and tobacco. Get plenty of sleep and exercise. When your body is at it’s best, it will be easier for you to become pregnant.

A prenatal vitamin is not guaranteed to increase your fertility, but it does help prepare your body for conception and help stack the odds in your favor. With the proper nutrition, becoming pregnant is less of a challenge. Promise Prenatal offers prenatal vitamins for each stage of pregnancy; from trying to conceive, to pregnancy, and post delivery and breastfeeding.

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