Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy Week by Week

A week by week guide for mom's who want to know what to expect, when they're expecting!

Weeks 1 and 2- 
Your pregnancy begins as your body prepares for ovulation and fertilization. When you ovulate, if sperm meets the egg, you're on your way! Make sure you start taking a pregnancy vitamin!

Week 3-
When fertilization occurs, your baby-to-be is hundreds of cells that are multiplying quickly.

Week 4- 
You're Pregnant! You'll be able to test positive with at home pregnancy tests. 

Week 5- 
Your baby's heart is developing and your hormones may be acting up. Tender breasts, nausea, and pregnancy brain may start to kick in around this time. 

Week 6- 
A little nose, sweet mouth, and tiny ears begin to develop.

Week 7-
The embryo has doubled in size and your uterus continues to make room to grow. Your baby is also forming hands and feet. 

Week 8-
Morning Sickness may begin to worsen. Although you may not feel it, your baby is constantly moving. Your doctor may also give you a due date around this time.

Week 9-
Your baby is almost an inch long and starting to look more human everyday. You may be feeling tired. Growing a baby is busy work!

Week 10-
The most critical time in pregnancy is nearing an end. Your baby is building bones and cartilage.

Week 11-
Baby's hands will begin to open and close into fists, while your pregnancy cravings may be getting a little crazy! 

Week 12- 
A baby bump is starting to appear! While you may be feeling big now, your baby has doubled in size. 

Week 13-
You've completed your first trimester! Your baby now has fingerprints and continues to grow at a rapid speed. 

Second Trimester

Week 14-
The side effects from your first trimester are beginning to subside. You'll feel more energetic and less nauseous. Expect to gain weight during this next trimester as you eat for two. 

Week 15-
Your little sprout will begin growing some hair. Eyebrows, eyelashes, and body hair begin to show. Your baby can also experience light and sound.

Week 16-
Prepare for a growth spurt! During this time a baby can almost double their weight and grow inches at a time. 

Week 17-
Bones are hardening and the umbilical cord is getting thicker. Your baby is also trying to learn to swallow as it prepares for life outside the womb. 

Week 18-
Did you feel that? Around this time you will begin to feel your baby's movements. 

Week 19-
Anxious to know if you'll be having a boy or girl? A routine ultrasound will give you the answer. 

Week 20-
You're doing great mama- You're halfway there!

Week 21-
Those early flutters you felt around week 18 will turn into full fledged kicks as your baby grows.

Week 22- 
Your baby is starting to look like a newborn. As your belly grows, you may be getting unwanted belly rubs.

Week 23-
A line may appear beneath your belly button. This is totally normal and about seventy-five percent of all pregnant women experience this. 

Week 24-
Your child's facial features begin to define as your belly button begins to pop out. 

Week 25-
It's common to experience leg cramps and heartburn around this point in your pregnancy. While it may be a pain, it's so worth it when you see your little bundle of joy!

Week 26-
Your baby has opened his eyes! Right about the time you're wishing you could get some shut eye. 

Week 27- 
You and your baby both move on to a new growth chart. Expect to gain about  1 pound a week from here on out.

Third Trimester

Week 28-
You're almost done! Practice contractions, or "Braxton Hicks" begin around this time as your body prepares for delivery. 

Week 29-
Getting bigger? Your baby's head is growing to make room for it's developing brain.

Week 30-
Your baby weighs almost 3 pounds. You may be experiencing shortness of breath as your growing uterus crowds your diaphragm.

Week 31-
Running out of womb? You may experience softer kicks as your baby's space starts to get smaller. 

Week 32-
Your baby is practicing sucking and breathing- to prepare for breastfeeding. But your pregnancy glow may just have dimmed. 

Week 33-
Almost done! With your baby weighing around 4 pounds, it's immune system is getting a boost.

Week 34-
Your child's central nervous system is ironing out the kinks as it prepares to be on it's own. 

Week 35- 
Baby is still growing while you're growing tired!

Week 36-
Readying position: Your baby will drop into your pelvis as it prepares for delivery.

Week 37-
Lungs and brain are continuing to mature. While your doctor checks for labor signs, try not to bribe him into inducing labor!

Week 38-
Your body begins to produce colostrum- your baby's first food.

Week 39-
All systems go! Your pregnancy is considered full term. Hold tight, you could deliver any day!

Week 40-
Baby not get the memo? It's completely normal to go past your due date.

Week 41-
You've made such a comfy place for your baby, but it's time for them to part. Your OB will monitor you closely and may want to induce labor. 

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