Pregnancy Week 38

Pregnancy Week 38

Your body:

Experiencing sharp pains in your pelvis and even inside your vagina? The slang term is “lightning crotch” and is a very real thing. As baby bumps into your nerves down below, you’ll feel shooting sensations in nerves you may not have known existed. Braxton Hicks contractions may be occurring as “practice contractions” to prepare you for the real deal. Even bloody, mucus discharge can occur at this point, known as bloody show. Itchy belly? You may see a few new stretch marks as your belly is still expanding.

Your baby:

Baby is slowly shedding the white protective goo, though you might still see some at birth. Your child’s head is now the same circumference as the abdomen, but the skull has not hardened yet to help make delivery a little easier.


Make arrangements for house guests after delivery
Verify birth plan with midwife/doula/doctor
Learn about C-Sections in case you must have one

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