Pregnancy Week 30

Pregnancy Week 30

Your body:

As your bump continues to expand, you may find yourself running out of breath! Due to your ever growing baby, it seems that your lungs are fighting for space to breathe and do their job. Make sure that you rest when needed and are able to catch your breath!Trouble sleeping? This can cause fatigue and make the days seem long. Try sleeping on your left side as it’s rumored to help with circulation, or snuggle up to a pregnancy pillow.

Your baby:

She’s not just kicking anymore—your baby is moving around in the little amount of room that is left. And not only is she moving around like your belly is a jungle gym, but she is strong enough to grasp a finger! Your heart will melt the first time she does this. Not only is your little bean working out, but getting smarter too! Baby’s brain is getting wrinklier to make way for the ever-so-important brain tissue.


Got to your 30 week prenatal appointment
Stock up on household supplies
Install your baby’s car seat

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