Pregnancy Week 28

Pregnancy Week 28

Your body:

The 28 week point is when most moms-to-be are unable to sleep throughout the night. Whether it’s from baby’s movements, getting up to pee for the 6th time, or just due to discomfort, not sleeping can lead to other issues. When you are up in the middle of the night try drinking sleepy-time or chamomile tea as it helps the body and mind slow down. Calming music and reading can also help put the mind at ease and prepare yourself for a good night's rest. Your body may already be producing baby’s first food or colostrum. This is a thick, yellowy substance that is packed with nutrients. Unfortunately you may be experiencing leaky boobs as a side effect.

Your baby:

Your little bundle of joy is developing those sweet signature, new baby rolls. And since packing on the weight, your baby weighs in around 1.5-3 pounds and measure close to 14 inches! Baby’s lungs are now developed enough that if he were born now, he’d be likely to survive, but we want him in there a little longer!


Keep track of your baby’s movement
Prepare for breastfeeding
Learn about the stages of labor

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