Pregnancy Week 21

Pregnancy Week 21

Your body:

As far as week 21 goes, you’re probably feeling pretty comfortable! Some mild swelling may still be happening and you may notice your legs looking a little veiny. As your pregnancy continues, there will be increased pressure on the veins in your legs causing spider and varicose veins. Try combatting it with frequent, short walks, drinking plenty of water, and propping your feet up when possible. Since your body is developing more oil thanks to pregnancy hormones you may start to notice an increase in facial acne. Try sticking to a routine of washing your face twice a day and using oil-free makeup.

Your baby:

Your baby now weighs close to 13 ounces and is approximately 10.5 inches in length. Felt any movement yet? Baby may practicing her martial arts as you experience kicks and nudges. As your belly continues to expand, your baby girl now has a lifetime supply of eggs, and your little boy is developing his scrotum.


Start doing Kegel exercises
Check that your rings can still come off!
Go on a babymoon

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