Pregnancy Week 19

Pregnancy Week 19

Your body:

Getting bigger by the week, you’re closing in on the halfway point in your pregnancy. Congrats mama!! You may begin experiencing aches and pains in your abdomen or groin area. While uncomfortable, don’t worry! This is completely normal around week 19. Along with pain, you may also be experiencing hip, lower back, or knee pain. Due to pregnancy hormones and carrying a little more weight than normal, your body needs time to adjust. Prop those legs up, stretch, or ask your partner for a massage.

Your baby:

Your child has developed it’s own protection shield! The greasy, white coating that is sometimes visible at birth, is completely covering your child and helping to protect her from amniotic fluid. This coating is typically gone by the 40 week point. Your little one is also working on developing it’s five sense. How exciting that they are developing the nerve cells needed to see, hear, taste, and smell!


Decide whether to hire a doula
Go on a date!
Get your teeth cleaned

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