Pregnancy Week 17

Pregnancy Week 17

Your body:

Noticing you’re sweating a little more than normal? Along with sweat, mucus, vaginal discharge and other bodily fluids will start to make their presence known thanks to you increased blood flow. While it may be a little off putting, this is totally normal during your second trimester. As your bump grows, you may notice itchy skin. This happens as the skin prepares to stretch and accommodate your new bump and larger breasts; slather on that Belly Butter and face those stretch marks head on!By now you’ve probably gained anywhere from 5-10 pounds. This is a normal, healthy weight gain!

Your baby:

Baby is putting on some weight! As his cartilage turns to bone, your little baby-to-be is putting some meat on those newly developed bones! The umbilical cord passing nutrients from mom to baby continues to thicken as both you and baby thicken up. Measuring at a full 5 inches and almost 6 ounces, you’ll be able to find out this week if you are having a boy or a girl!


Start looking for ideas for your nursery
Plan your maternity leaveTreat yourself!
Take a few hours to do something you enjoy

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