Pregnancy Week 16

Pregnancy Week 16

Your body:

Your growing baby could literally be taking your breath away! As baby begins to move around week 16, you may think it’s gas or a muscle twitch, it could cause shortness of breath. The sweet growing babe will start to crowd your lungs as he continues to grow. Backaches due to pregnancy hormones, constipation as your uterus starts pressing on your intestines, and sore boobs are all part of the package at this sweet 16th week of pregnancy. But hey, that pregnancy glow is kicking in right now as your skin is the best it’s looked! Accompanied with great skin? Gorgeous flowing hair and long beautiful nails!

Your baby:

Start chatting up your bump bud as week 16 is when baby’s listening to your precious voice. Tiny bones begin to form in his or her ears helping him to distinguish who his mom is. Along with some peach fuzz, baby’s growing hair, lashes, and eyebrows. Weighing in around 3.5 ounces and a little over 4.5 inches long, the doctor may be able to detect a heartbeat at your next appointment!


Make sure you are using a pregnancy safe Belly Butter
Start thinking of baby names
Stock up on maternity wear

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