Pregnancy Week 15

Pregnancy Week 15

Your body:

At week 15 you’ll be experiencing way more energy than at any other point in this pregnancy. It’s totally normal to also see an increase in your libido. Who said pregnancy couldn’t be fun?! You may also have an occasional nose bleed, thanks to an increase in blood volume and sensitive nasal passages. Also around the 15 week mark, you may notice sleeping positions start to become uncomfortable. If you can’t seem to get comfortable at night, try using more pillows. At this stage in your pregnancy it’s important that you do not sleep on your back as it may impair your circulation, breathing, and can cause backaches. There are lots of great maternity pillows that help mom-to-be stay comfortable while sleeping.

Your baby:

Week 15 is full of movement for your little bean. Now that his or her proportions are becoming more normal, baby is squirming all the time! The legs will now out measure the arms and the joints and limbs can all move now. While you may not be able to feel it, your baby is moving constantly and possibly even hiccuping.


Take care of yourself!
Make sure you are taking Promise Prenatal Stage 2
Schedule your next sonogram and prenatal appointment

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