Pregnancy Week 10

Pregnancy Week 10

Your body:

Aches and pains and nausea. Oh my! Your sweet little passenger continues to put pressure on your organs, veins, muscles, and ligaments. It’s so worth the discomfort though, once you hold your precious baby all thoughts of discomfort will melt away (only 30 more weeks to go!). Your body is working extra hard to help grow a baby, but you may not be getting all the rest you need. Weird and surprising dreams are totally normal during pregnancy, and these should subside soon enough. Now that you’ve reached the 10 week mark, you’re probably starting to look pregnant. It’s a good time to start stocking up on some maternity clothes that you’ll need soon enough!

Your baby:

Your child’s vital organs are fully developed and beginning to function, while hair and fingernails start to appear. Now baby is measuring in at a little over an inch long and .14 ounces in weight. You’ll want to catch some extra zzz’s as baby will almost double in length in the next three weeks.


Check with your doctor on what you can and can’t do regarding exercise
Begin shopping for maternity wear
Take your partner to a prenatal check up

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