Pregnancy Checklist: What to Do Before You're Due

Pregnancy Checklist: What to Do Before You're Due

Many expecting moms begin to “nest” around their due date. They are organizing drawers, cleaning out the fridge, and wiping down every little nook and cranny they can find. In addition to nesting, there are several important things to think about before their little bundle of joy makes his or her debut. Here is a list of five things that you should definitely do, before you are due!

Call Your Hospital or Birthing Center
It is essential you make contact with the hospital where you will be delivering for several reasons. First, you want to make sure they have all of your insurance information, your birth plan, and pediatrician of choice on file.  You are not going to want to fill out any paperwork when you get admitted, so taking care of this all ahead of time is wise.  You are also smart to make sure there is zero insurance issues right off the bat!

Pack Your Bag
Pregnant women get so caught up with the little things that they have to do around their household that they wait until the last minute to pack a hospital bag.  Women can go into labor way before their due date.  So, it’s wise to have a bag packed at around 36 weeks and begin to carry it with you the last couple weeks leading up to your due date.

Set Up Your Nursery
You may think you’ll have all the time in the world to do this, but you’ll be thankful that the nursery is completely set up and organized when you bring the baby home.  You are sure to have your hands full until the baby adjusts to a schedule and you’ll be entertaining many excited visitors.  This will leave you little time to assemble a baby swing and stow away baby clothes. So, set up your nursery essentials so it’s ready to welcome the baby.

Pet Training
If you have pets, you do need to consider their needs once the baby is home.  The adjustment time is long and difficult for your furry friends.  So, it may be wise to enroll them in an obedience class or learn some new commands from a trainer to ease them into their new home environment with the baby.

Enjoy a Day Alone
It’s important that you enjoy a full day alone if possible, before you have the baby.  Set aside a day that is all about you so you can do all of your favorite things. It may be awhile before you trek it out to the nail salon or mall, so stock up on some goods and just enjoy some posh pampering!

Becoming a mom is one of the greatest joys and blessings that life can bring. Just be sure that you take time out to help you be as prepared as possible.  You've got this super mom!

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