When to Take Your Prenatal Vitamin: Tips to Help You Get the Most Benefits

When to Take Your Prenatal Vitamin: Tips to Help You Get the Most Benefits

Since nausea and morning sickness affects about three quarters of pregnant women, many of us find it difficult to take a daily prenatal vitamin, however, timing can be everything. Finding a time of day that is best for you (when you are experiencing less nausea) may make all the difference. Here are a few tips to help you find that perfect time to take those, oh so important, vitamins.

*Take your prenatal vitamins with a full tummy.  Vitamins are easier to stomach when accompanied by food.  A small snack may not cut it, you may need to take them with a meal- experiment and see what works best for you.

*The iron in prenatal vitamins can be particularly hard to digest, so find a time of day when your stomach feels less sensitive (after brushing teeth or smelling strong soap in the shower may not be good times). You also want to look for a supplement formulated with less iron and coated iron.  Promise Prenatal Stage 1 is specifically designed with less iron and can be used the entire pregnancy if you find your morning sickness doesn't subside at 12-14 weeks.  Stage 1 also contains higher levels of vitamin B6 to help ease the queasiness.  Stage 1, 2 and 3 all use high quality coated iron for easier digestion.  Your doctor may also want to prescribe extra B6 supplements.

*Bedtime seems to be the time of choice for many women.  They take their vitamins and call it a day.  If this time works best for you, be sure to have a hardy snack before you hit the pillow.  Also, it's important you don't lie flat for 20-30 minutes after swallowing your pill.  The most sensitive area of the stomach is at the top and lying down will sometimes irritate this area causing nausea.

*If even the thought of taking a prenatal vitamin makes you sick, try whipping up a yummy milkshake or smoothie, open the capsule and empty the powder into the blender.  There isn't any taste or smell and you will drink down all of the great nutrition you and your baby needs without even noticing.

*Finding a time you'll remember to take your vitamin each day isn't always easy.  Set an alarm on your phone or have some type of reminder.  Prenatals should be taken daily.

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