8 Time Saving Tips for New Moms | Promise Pregnancy

8 Time Saving Tips for New Moms | Promise Pregnancy

If you haven’t already figured it out, you’ll likely discover soon enough that there never seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all you’d like to do, especially with a newborn. As much as we love our precious little ones, life with a baby is a beautiful mix of euphoria and exhaustion. Here are some time-savings to help you gain much needed hours as you take on this new season like a boss!

Formula Prep – If you are feeding with formula, did you know it keeps for 24 hours?  Rather than mix on a per bottle basis at every feeding, purchase a juice jug or pitcher with a lid and prepare 24 hours worth in advance so come feeding time, you can simply pour and heat.

Housework – One word. Wipes!  Seriously, was there ever a better product invented for a busy Mom than disinfectant wipes?  These things literally make cleaning a breeze.  From dusting, to sticky spills and even a quick clean of floors and baseboards, there is nothing a wipe can’t help you clean in half the time it used to take, and if you happen to run out of your favorite brand, heaven knows you’ve got a stockpile of baby wipes on-hand to tide you over until you are able to replace them.

Laundry Hampers – Spills, spit-ups, and blow-outs are just another day at the office for a busy Mom.  Rather than expend your energy taking soiled cloths, clothing and blankets to your one designated laundry basket, place hampers in the rooms you spend the most time in.

Baskets – Second only to disinfectant wipes, we proudly declare our love of baskets.  They make organizing a cinch, and are particularly handy if you also happen to have toddlers.  Plastic or wicker baskets make it easy to do a 10 second tidy.  Keeping one in your main living space gives you somewhere to toss books and loose toys until you’re ready to return them to their designated spaces.

Multiple Change Stations – Let’s be honest, how much use does your change table actually get? Most moms will tell you that aside from a middle of the night or early morning change, their change tables are rarely used.  To simplify things for yourself, keep a basket or bin with all of your diapering supplies in every room.  You can probably skip the kitchen for obvious reasons, but why travel to a specific room every time your baby needs a change?  Did we already mention how much we love baskets?

Food Prep – If you are fortunate enough to find the time to cook, do yourself a favor and do it in bulk.  Cooking twice as much as you ordinarily would means leftovers the following day, or freezer storage to save yourself time in the kitchen for a future meal.  Either way, you’re getting a night off at some point. Win / win, right?

Make Use of Nursing Time – Breastfeeding is the perfect time to catch up on phone calls, emails and bill payments.  With today’s advances in technology, there is almost nothing you can’t do from a tablet or cell phone.

Double Up Your Diaper Bag – Keep two fully stocked diaper bags and leave one in your car.  This eliminates the need to pack for baby each time you leave the house.  You’ll have enough to carry already so when it’s time to head out, simply bundle up baby , toss a bottle or two in to your purse and off you go. You can rotate the bags when one run of them is running low on supplies.

Life with a baby takes a bit of getting used to, even if it’s not your first child. Remember to be patient with yourself and rest assured, everything will fall into place as you settle in to your new routine together.

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