Early Signs of Pregnancy: How to Tell if You May be Pregnant

Early Signs of Pregnancy: How to Tell if You May be Pregnant

Think you may have a bun in your oven?

One of the biggest signs that you may be pregnant is a missed period. Women who have a regular menstrual cycle are able to tell if they are pregnant due to a missed cycle. 

Does wearing a bra feel like torture? Another tell tale sign of pregnancy is tender and sore breasts. Some women experience swelling as well as a darkening of color around the areolas. 

Fatigue has a tendency to hit women hard in the first trimester. Have you noticed a change in your sleeping patterns? Due to an increase in hormones, your body may be feeling extra sleepy. 

Morning sickness often signals conception. Around week six in their pregnancy, most women begin to experience nausea and vomiting. No one said making a baby was easy!

Feeling like you just can't hold it another second? Pregnant women tend to need to use the bathroom more. Frequent urination is often caused by your body processing extra liquid during the first stages of pregnancy. 

While all of these may be pointing you to pregnancy, the only way to know for sure is a pregnancy test. If your home pregnancy test comes back positive, it's time to set a date with your healthcare provider and start preparing for pregnancy

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