Milk Boost Tea

Milk Boost Tea


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Made with only the best, all-natural, organic herbal ingredients. Non- GMO verified and certified kosher.


Uniquely designed to extract caffeine all naturally and promote lactation with no added sugar.


A blend of USDA Certified Organic ingredients like fenugreek and fennel seed to help increase milk supply.


Replenishes moms' vitamins and nutrients while helping relieve symptoms of colic in babies.


Our biodegradable sachet teabags hold more herbs per serving to help you experience faster results.


Every ingredient that goes into Promise Milk Boost Tea is of the safest and highest quality.

Promoting Lactation in a Healthy, Delicious Way

Our Promise Milk Boost Tea is made from all natural, USDA certified organic ingredients to help restore nursing moms vitamins and nutrients, while helping produce more breast milk. With ingredients like fenugreek that helps to stimulate production, and fennel seeds which helps increase supply and relieve symptoms of colic in babies when passed through, Promise Milk Boost Tea helps mom and baby, naturally. To increase breast milk supply drink before feedings.


By using a proprietary blend of nourishing ingredients in Promise Milk Boost Tea, you are sure to see in increase in milk production.

All Natural

100% all natural ingredients like fenugreek, fennel seed, blessed thistle, and orange peel, Promise Milk Boost Tea provides you with Mother Nature's best to help produce more liquid gold for your little one.

Great Tasting

Using organic orange peel, Promise Milk Boost Tea is a delicious tea that helps promote healthy production and flow. Delicious hot or cold, you can enjoy this tea at any time as it is naturally caffeine free.

Our commitment

Delivering outstanding breastfeeding tea begins with making sure that your health is our top priority. Mother and baby need special protection, and we do our part by making Promise Milk Boost Tea with only the very best ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer.


Organic peppermint leaf, organic fenugreek, organic fennel seed, organic blessed thistle, organic orange peel


Steep tea bag in one cup of water for 3-5 minutes and enjoy!

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Why should I choose Promise Milk Boost Tea over other breastfeeding teas?

Our  formula provides you with only the highest quality ingredients at the exact levels needed to increase breast milk supply. Now you can be confident that your breastfeeding tea is delivering the exact ingredients that you and your baby need at this important time.

How can I be sure that Promise is made with the highest quality ingredients?

Biotegrity Corporation is dedicated to providing the utmost quality in all of our products. We adhere to the strictest guidelines and all of our products are manufactured according to GMP's "good manufacturing practices" in an FDA drug-licensed facility. The ingredients we use follow United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) quality standards. When you order Promise Stages, you can be sure that EVERY capsule you take will contain the same ingredients that are listed on the label, in the highest quality formulation available.

How does auto-ship work?

Auto-shipments can be selected in your shopping cart, and allow you to receive your Promise Prenatal Vitamins every 30 or 90 days, hassle free. By choosing the auto-ship option, you'll always have the right Stage of prenatal vitamins available throughout your pregnancy with only one order. When your initial order is about to run out, we send a notification email five days before your next shipment is sent giving you the opportunity to cancel, delay, or change your upcoming shipment if needed. Otherwise, we will automatically ship a new supply of the correct amount of each Stage based on your current week of pregnancy. We use the same payment information used for your initial order.

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