Belly Butter: Preventing & Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

Belly Butter: Preventing & Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

Wanting to face those stretch marks head on? Many moms suggest using a belly butter twice a day, as early as 8 weeks into your pregnancy, to help reduce the odds of stretch marks cause by pregnancy. While some women are genetically predisposed to getting stretch marks, there are some great natural remedies that can help give your skin a fighting chance.

Shea butter is the most common ingredient found in popular belly butters as it is extracted naturally from the fat in the fruit of the Karite tree. Shea butter offers powerful nourishing and moisturizing ingredients that help improve the elasticity of the skin, thus decreasing your chances of getting stretch marks as your baby bump grows.

Cocoa butter is another primary ingredient that is well known in taming those tiger stripes!  It is a necessary ingredient that helps prevent stretch marks as well as reducing and healing marks that have already formed.

In most belly butters you will also vitamin E. This little powerhouse targets areas that are susceptible to stretch marks and can prevent them from forming.  While this vitamin can help new marks from appearing, there’s no concrete evidence that it will reduce the appearance of already formed marks.  Prevention is your best defense.

While these are all great ingredients to look for, many moms suggest finding a belly butter that is scent-free, especially for those women struggling with morning sickness and nausea.  A non-greasy, fast drying cream is also recommended, so you can apply and quickly dress without staining your clothes.  And most  importantly, look for a butter free of chemicals to protect you and your baby from any unwanted side effects.  Lotions are absorbed through the skin and into your body- so read labels and ensure it’s safe  during pregnancy and lactation.  Make sure to always test a small area of your skin for any irritations before you apply to your bump, bust and legs!

Promise Prenatal now offers an all natural, belly butter that provides healthy and soft, supple skin. By using our proprietary blend of nourishing ingredients you are sure to beat those stretch marks before they ever have a chance to appear.  Slather on Promise Belly Butter twice daily for best results!

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